Thursday, 09 November 2017, Washington D.C., USA


Inspiring women in competition policy: promoting support networks among women working in antitrust in the public and private sector

Competition policy: what does the future hold?

Competition policy faces many challenges in 2017 and beyond, with a traditional approach based on consumer welfare and economic effects being called into question from the left and the right. Other factors, such as the interplay between competition and the public interest, innovation, big data, privacy, and even industrial policy are coming increasingly to the fore. This conference will explore what these developments mean for antitrust, and whether they spell a growing or weakening role for competition policy in tomorrow's global economy.

This conference will be unique not only in its broad vision of the future of competition enforcement and policy. It will also celebrate the many leading women in antitrust. The conference is chaired by women and will showcase the strength of women in antitrust among our speakers and moderators. GCR will also celebrate the leading Women in Antitrust named in our recent survey with an all-conference dinner after the event.


  • Populism, public interest and antitrust
  • The nexus between competition and innovation
  • Big data and privacy as competitive concerns
  • US and EU: diverging competition enforcement priorities?

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Kristina Nordlander

Sidley Austin, Brussels

Kristina Nordlander has a thriving EU competition, litigation and regulatory practice, representing major companies in a variety of sectors, including e-commerce, life sciences, financial services and payments, technology and chemicals. 

Edith Ramirez

Former Chairwoman, FTC

Edith Ramirez was sworn in as a Commissioner of the Federal Trade Commission on April 5, 2010, and served as Chairwoman from March 4, 2013 to January 25, 2017. At the FTC, Commissioner Ramirez has focused on protecting consumers and promoting competition in the technology and healthcare sectors, safeguarding consumer privacy, and protecting vulnerable communities from deceptive and unfair practices.


8.30: Welcome coffee and registration

9.00: Chairs' opening remarks

Edith Ramirez, Former Chairwoman, FTC
Kristina Nordlander, Sidley Austin, Brussels

9.15: Fireside chat

10.15: Populism, public interest and antitrust

With political rhetoric in the developed world taking on a strong nationalist, anti-globalisation hue, what will be the impact on competition policy? What have we learned about US public enforcement in the Trump Administration in 2017? What about the EU's focus on fairness, including in corporate taxation? To what extent should governments globally consider public interest facets such as employment, environment or ‘industrial policy' in enforcement of competition law?

11.30: Coffee break

12.00: The nexus between competition and innovation

Is there a connection between innovation and concentration? Are new innovation theories of harm being pursued in competition enforcement? How are agencies considering innovation across the world?

13.15: Networking lunch

14.15: Big data and privacy as competitive concerns

At what point does large-scale information become a competition concern? Where and what is the overlap between data privacy and competition?

15.30: Coffee break

16.00: US and EU: Diverging competition regimes?

With Trump's seeming aim of dismantling the administrative state in full swing, increasing divergence with the EU in all regulatory matters seems inevitable. And as Brexit lessens the influence of the traditionally open markets-focused UK on Brussels, some predict even heavier enforcement and regulation from the EU27. Where does this leave global competition law and policy? Will agencies be able to continue the same close cooperation we have seen in recent years - or will one regulatory thesis and approach win out?

17.15: Chairs' closing remarks

Edith Ramirez, Former Chairwoman, FTC
Kristina Nordlander, Sidley Austin, Brussels

17.30: Drinks reception

19.00: All delegates are invited to attend an all-conference dinner, kindly hosted by NERA Economic Consulting


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