The Obama Trials launches this week

The Obama Trials launches this week

01 December 2017

This week, Global Competition Review will release The Obama Trials, a book detailing the legacy of the Obama-era antitrust agencies in the courtroom – and we invite our readers to celebrate with us at a launch party.

The Obama Trials: the US antitrust agencies in the courtroom, 2009-2017

Our forthcoming essay collection, The Obama Trials: the US antitrust agencies in the courtroom, 2009-2017, will describe in vivid detail the lawsuits and courtroom battles that have defined the antitrust legacy of President Barack Obama. Built around Obama's campaign trail promise to reinvigorate antitrust enforcement in the US, the book explores in a dozen chapters whether and how that promise was kept - from the early structural reorganization of the Department of Justice's Antitrust Division, to the near-unprecedented string of courtroom victories by it and the Federal Trade Commission.

Each chapter is divided into three sections, providing the reader a unique perspective on the legacy of a case or group of cases that Obama-era antitrust enforcers took to trial. Each section expands on the case law built during those trials, and shares the lessons the government and private lawyers learned from each litigation and trial. Contributors include both DOJ Assistant Attorneys General confirmed by the US Senate during the Obama Administration; the former head of the FTC's Bureau of Competition; multiple lead trial lawyers for the government during its most important cases; and a top antitrust trial attorney from the law firm that routinely faced Obama-era enforcers in the courtroom.

The chapters also include an essay written by current and former GCR reporters and editors who had on-the-ground experience covering Obama Administration antitrust trials in court. Those essays are intended to buttress the work of our all-star contributors and in some cases expand on the antitrust issues and lawsuits now firmly entrenched in the legacy of the era. These essays are presented alongside small collections of GCR's most crucial pre-trial and trial reporting from those litigations. Each story offers a thorough description of the issues and people at the heart of each case and a glimpse inside the courtroom drama as it unfolded. The entire collection is assembled and curated by GCR's Editor-at-large, Ron Knox, who watched the Obama era of antitrust enforcement unfolding during his decade as a reporter and editor for the magazine.

Each chapter offers thorough insights on case law and courtroom tactics from the litigators and reporters who were there. The book as a whole also sheds light on the successes and failures of the antitrust agencies during the past eight years, as a way to predict and prepare for what cases and court decisions come next.


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